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Happy Monday! I just wanted to take a minute to share something fun we did a few weeks ago that I seriously, very highly recommend to anyone if they get the chance. We went to a GLASS BLOWING class! I know, to some of you it may not sound that interesting, but really it was SO much fun, and if you are an artsy type of person, or even if you aren’t, it would make an awesome activity to go do. Queue date night or GNO?? We are lucky because we have a studio close by that offers very basic beginner classes where you get kind of a one-on-one with an instructor who helps you create your own piece, they usually start off with either a whimsical looking flower thing, a little bowl, or a plate. I chose to do the candy dish because I figured I would be most likely to use it, then I chose the colors I wanted and we were off! It’s crazy to me that a molten lump of what is essentially sand turns into this beautiful, gorgeous glass! My main point? If you get a chance to do glass blowing, take it, it’s so much fun and a great way to get out of the “norm” activities. That’s another one off the bucket list for me, who else has been checking off their list?

This is my cute friend Kellie pulling her glass candy dish!
This is my cute friend Kellie pulling her glass candy dish!

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onyx and blush glass blowing

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